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Make a donation

To offer a Donation that is the most convenient option for you, please make your selection from the information below. We are registered with the Charities Commission (reg. no. CC20410) and are listed on the required IRD approved Donee Organisation list.

Appreciated amounts are $10, $15, $20, $30 or $50… (See below for Corporations)


Give a Little

give a littleBy Credit or Debit Card seems to us the most useful way to donate for everyone especially as security is covered by DPS payment express (Give-a-little does not have credit facilities) and there is no financial wastage in the processes. We receive 100% of your donation. Your receipt is sent immediately.
Telecom employees using the ‘give-a-little’ donation system are matched by Telecom $ for $ up to a $1,000 gift. An amazingly generous offer.

Bank Transfer

Our Miscarriage Support Auckland Inc. account number at the ASB is 12 3035 0458138 00. Once you have transferred your donation, you are welcome to contact us by email or otherwise, providing your details so we can send a receipt. Thank you.


Use the PayPal button below which also has a credit card option.


Payroll Giving

The way this works;
‘Payroll Giving’ is a simple way for you to support a charity without the necessity
a) to remind yourself to contribute
b) be reminded to
c) organize an automatic payment
d) or a direct debit
‘Payroll Giving’ enables an employee (you) to donate money to a registered non-profit group of your choice. It is deducted directly from your salary or wages for you by your payroll department. See them for help with details.
Legislation has been changed to enable you (the Donor) to receive an immediate tax rebate on a regular donation made to an IRD approved Donee Organisation like ours. The amount you wish to give is deducted each pay period and the tax amount rebated at that time. (This means you are not required to fill out the IR 526 tax form to claim a rebate at the end of the financial year, as you would for a donation made any other way.) For every donated dollar you will receive back 33.33 cents the same pay day. An immediate tax benefit. Go to for verification, further information and an example. Thank you.

Cheques or Cash

Please use one of the ASB deposit slips provided to make a payment at your most convenient ASB bank, making a reference in the appropriate spaces for your name etc. Our Miscarriage Support Auckland Inc. account number is 12 3035 0458138 00. You are then welcome to contact us by email or otherwise, providing details so we can send you a receipt. Thank you.


If you feel a bequest is the most appropriate way to make a gift to Miscarriage Support Auckland Inc. that can be simply arranged with the suggested legal wording on the miscarriage support codicil. (Confirming your intentions with a legal advisor would probably be wise.) It is lovely way to honour your own lost child if you had a miscarriage or perhaps even that of an appropriate close relative. I don’t think any of us ever forget who we have lost although time does make a difference by lessening the associated painful emotions from then. (Our website has a section on past grief.) Thank you.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship is something we have looked at often and would really appreciate any company considering supporting us. It would be helpful to both our organisations if your company have products that could be associated with women in particular. Advertising is an area we have not covered particularly well and advice from the business world would be appreciated. Our website has high numbers of users which would be an asset and our subject is one that many women can relate to with 1 in 4 women miscarrying. Associating with us would definitely identify your company’s brand as a caring one with-in the community and also contribute to staff morale, especially females. We have a project in mind currently to have a quality video made for Youtube if you are interested. Thank you.

Thank you all very much

Miscarriage Support Auckland Inc. offers support and information to the thousands of women and their families through-out NZ who grieve for the loss of their babies from the 1 in 4 pregnancies that miscarry. As we are basically givers, not takers, and of a generation that were brought up to take care of ourselves, asking is quite difficult for us, although it is a bit easier when we think about all those women who will go on to miscarry and we think about it as ‘Paying it forward’. We are not contracted to our government or any large body and we do not use professional charity collectors. Our books are audited annually and we spend our money on the basics such as phone, internet, power, specialist services (computer), a small co-ordinator’s salary, advertising, pamphlet print runs, minimum administration and small volunteer expenses.

Our office is run from a home so we do not have rental costs. We manage on funding from very limited and currently ever restricting sources, which we have to apply for each year along with thousands of other organisations run by their own passionate people. We continually wonder if we will survive.

If you feel that miscarrying women deserve to have us around still, and if you wish to, may we please request that you support us. It does not matter how much. We will be grateful and so appreciate it. Thank you for thinking of us and we hope your kindness and empathy come back to you in ways that you would wish for yourself. Your support as an individual, a group or a company to keep our service functioning is invaluable for those who experience miscarriage.